Restoration Services

Damage to property, whether it be your home or business, can be devastating and overwhelming both physically and emotionally. Eliminate added stressors like searching for and coordinating visits from different companies. The ATKO team is made up of a skilled group of individuals specializing in the location and removal of environmental toxins, as well as the restoration process that follows. 


Restoration is the process of cleaning and/or reconstructing a damaged area of your home. Properly conducted, restoration should leave the damaged area looking like no damage ever occured. Many times restoration is needed after water and storm damage, or after fire and smoke damage. Our specialists are like none other, their keen eye for detail and swiftness allow us to finish jobs in a timely manner. Utilizing several teams often leads to scheduling issues, and backtracking when the order of operations are not sequential.


Our 24/7 Emergency Response Services are Committed to the Quick Restoration of your Home or Property. We complete projects from beginning to end including locating and removing water, smoke, mold, lead, asbestos, restoration of storm, water, and fire damage, and follow up cleanings. 

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Our Services

Water & Storm Damage

When water damage happens, ATKO is here to help. We provide the fastest service, to any size disaster. Our team is highly trained to quickly identify various types of water damage, and restore your space like it never happened in the first place. 

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage can be a devastating time for your home and your family. ATKO is trusted to quickly and diligently help restore and repair all damages, and restore your space like it never happened in the first place. 

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

For everything from post demolition cleanup, to post construction cleanup, count on ATKO to make sure things are done once and done right.