Whether you are remodeling, or starting a full renovation project picking the right contractor can feel overwhelming. At ATKO Construction Co. we understand this, and will do everything possible to ensure you make the right choice the first time.

Call ATKO at 855.ATKO.NYC immediately, ATKO is available around the clock 24/7 to combat any and all emergency calls. Whether it be water damage or fire damage, our experienced crews are ready to tackle the job.

ATKO is licensed and insured in NYS to handle your Restoration, Environmental, and Construction needs. When ATKO is on site, we will photo document and track the materials and labor needed to complete the job. Our experience with claims and violations makes us the go to company to not only mediate but remediate the hazardous and damaged site conditions, and provide the reporting needed to help file your claim and close out your violations promptly. One stop shopping done right!

The bonus to hiring ATKO‘s professional services is the all-encompassing knowledge and qualifications that come with our service. ATKO is able to test for mold, lead, and asbestos in your older homes and progress to help you file any insurance claims by providing detailed reports and Material/Labor Quotes to help get you off the ground and into a safe and new basement. ATKO laborers are extremely passionate behind providing quality craftsmanship and advice to homeowners and business owners. Our family company goal is to provide all clientele with a safe and healthy atmosphere to grow and prosper. Call ATKO for all your Restoration, Environmental, and Construction needs today!

Yes! ATKO is an IICRC certified firm which works with all adjusters and insurance providers. Our company will work closely with your insurance provider to ensure you get the settlement you need, and repair work done as quickly as possible hassle free.

To start, we clean up all standing water still present in the property. Next, we assess the water damage. We determine what can be salvaged and what needs to be disposed of, then make sure the area is dried and dehumidified.

Staying ahead of any potential mold growth is something we prioritize with water damage restoration. We train our technicians to restore property before replacing it, if possible.

ATKO provides comprehensive fire damage recovery services. This includes cleaning and removing soot and smoke damage, making structural repairs, and cleaning and protecting your company’s belongings. Many fire damages are also accompanied by losses due to water and chemicals from firefighting efforts, and we provide water damage cleanup, drying, and restoration services.

After a fire, your property is left exposed and vulnerable to theft and additional damage. We board up windows and doors and secure any openings to protect your business, merchandise, and possessions from theft and looting. We provide 24/7 board-up services to protect your property after a fire and throughout the restoration process.

Yes, it is recommended that only the mold remediation experts be in the building when remediating. Re-occupancy to the treated areas is often available in as little as 2 hours (depending on drying time or relative humidity for that day). ATKO prides itself in the many years of experience successfully remediating and removing mold from buildings across New York.

First Step: ATKO uses a scientifically proven method to clean the area to get rid of any existing mold.

Second Step: ATKO cuts off the nutrient source needed for mold growth. The team does this by placing a transparent sealant over the surfaces treated. We guarantee that any mold spores which enter your building will land on the ATKO treated surfaces and be denied their nutrient source. ATKO’s process works! ATKO’s team has achieved great results but again, don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say! (INCLUDE Reviews from mold remediation clients)

This is the best part. ATKO’s mold remediation process is so efficient it is an extremely affordable process which delivers maximum results. Most properties can be fully remediated at a fraction of what our competitors charge. ATKO prides itself on the value it provides its clients.

ATKO has a number of unique advantages over virtually every other remediation company in the industry. We include cutting edge products and methods that consistently allow ATKO to:

Provide an effective, long-term solution rather than the “band-aide approach” of our competitors that only encapsulate the problem to return at a later date.

Complete almost any mold remediation project faster, many times in half the time, as our competitors.

Achieve better results, as proved through independent third party testing and case studies.

Provide true long-term prevention to mold growth that is backed by the industry’s only insurance-backed warranty.

Complete entire mold remediation projects for less than half the cost of our competitors.

Successfully complete the project without disrupting life or business for our customers