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There are many environmental conditions that can cause toxicities in the home. Lead, Asbestos, and Mold particles are toxic and can cause serious harm when touched, or inhaled.

If your home has been recently affected, contact ATKO to inspect, sample, and test for environmental hazards! Our technicians are incredibly detailed when carrying out environmental services, carefully isolating and removing toxicities in your home.

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ATKO specialists are highly skilled and able to handle all aspects of Mold Remediation. Including water removal, drying, cleaning, HVAC cleaning and restoration to the damaged area.


ATKO provices asbestos inspections to determine whether your structure contains asbestos. If so, then you are required by law to employ a licensed dismantling and removal services provider. The New York State and City have their own removal and abatement services licenses and certifications.

In both cases, ATKO Construction Corp. is licenced to remove asbestos in NYC establishments.


ATKO Construction Corp is a leading company delivering lead abatement services and fixing lead violations. For many years, we have represented all five New York City boroughs, delivering solutions on all lead risks, and lead reduction programs.